Villas For Sale in Turkey With Private Pool

Turkey has a special geographic position in the world. The Sea of Marmara, along with the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, separates the Asian continent from Europe. A large part of the country's territory is located in the Asian continent, while a small part is located on the European continent. It is adjacent to Bulgaria in the northwest, Greece in the west, Georgia in the northeast, Armenia, Iran and Nakhichevan in the east, Iraq, and Syria in the southeast. To the south is the Mediterranean Sea, to the west is the Aegean Sea and to the north is the Black Sea.

The capital of the country is Ankara. Istanbul is the most crowded city in the country with 15 million people. The official language is Turkish, however, there are also local languages spoken among the public. Turkish Lira is used as the currency. 1 Euro equals to 6,46 Turkish Liras (October 18, 2019).

Turkey as the holiday destination

The Republic of Turkey welcomes millions of tourists every year. Thanks to its natural beauties, landscapes, beaches, historical values, nightlife, and food culture, it is one the best destination in the world. It is also one of the most developed countries in terms of tourism in Europe.

The climate varies by region. However, there is a mild climate throughout the country. There is a mild climate in the Black Sea region and a Mediterranean climate in the southern and Aegean coasts. Inland, the arid climate can be seen, while the harsh mountain climate is dominant in the eastern part.

Turkey is among the developing countries. The country, which has grown its economy safely, with the exception of fluctuations in the last two years, can be considered open to investments. As a result of legal changes in recent years, acquiring citizenship has become easier in the country. It is possible for a foreigner to become a Turkish citizen if s/he invests $250.000 to a property. While this is the case, the article will help many people who do not want to miss the opportunity to invest.

Cost of Living in Turkey

The value of the Turkish lira against the dollar is low. A foreign investor may, therefore, be able to substitute his life under favorable conditions. In numbers, the food in an average restaurant is 3.87 €, 1 liter of milk is 0.64€. There is also a 0.46€ single-use transport ticket. The price of this Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) is 19,670.72€. If you want to become a tenant in the city center, you have to pay 400€ per month.

Villas in Turkey

There is a variety of villas starting from 150.000€ to 45.000.000€. The villas, which have a higher price than the others, are generally located in Istanbul. For example, not far from the city center of Istanbul, with more than ten rooms with pool and luxury furniture, the price of the villa can be around 20.000.000€ to 35.000.000€.

The cost of the villas depends on the city, location, number of rooms, pool, and garden. However, you can also have mansions with prices of 4.500.000€. You should also know that if you buy a property costs 200.000€ in Turkey, such as villa, you can get a Turkish citizenship. So, considering this option can also be seen as a key denominator for your possible action.

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