Villas in Cyprus

Villa prices in Cyprus are quite affordable and life here is quite convenient compared to others in many other countries. The houses are generally large and fully equipped. But if you want, you can also find a small house. Most of the villas have a private and large area. The areas were designed for all private houses to have a garden. Within this area, there is a private pool. However, as we have to mention, if you don't want a one with a private pool with a large private area, you can also find a small property with a communal area with a small garden and pool. There are many areas in Cyprus that have these types of houses. Large and flashy villas are mostly built near the centre which most people prefer.

Cyprus is divided into Northern and Southern Cyprus. The management of both regions is quite different. Buying apartments in the Southern area or going to this area for a vacation requires a little more bureaucratic process. However, you can buy a property in the Northern region, or you can go on holiday with only your passport without any bureaucratic transactions. For this reason, Northern Cyprus is much more active both in the summer season and in the purchase of the property. Tourists mostly prefer Northern Cyprus for a holiday. In recent years it has become more popular to rent a house or villa instead of staying at the hotel for vacation. Many local and foreign tourists prefer to rent property or villas close to the centre instead of staying at the hotel during their holidays. Renting a house is a very economical option, especially if you are coming to a crowded family or a group of friends. For this reason, they are mostly found in the real estate market in the form of daily or weekly rentals. If you are considering buying it, the real estate company can offer you a completely different portfolio if you tell it to the real estate company.

Most hotels and casinos in Cyprus allow daily entry. So you do not have to stay in the hotel to enter the casino. With this effect, holidaymakers prefer to stay in a villa because it is economical. Due to the high demand, villas in Cyprus are mostly rented daily or weekly. Most of the daily or weekly rental ones are large and spectacular. They have a massive garden of their own, and this garden has a large pool for its use. Some properties even have a playground in the garden.

Advantages of staying in a villa in Cyprus

  • Much cheaper than staying at the hotel.
  • A pool of your own.
  • Much more comfortable beds.
  • Being able to eat any time that you want.
  • A safer space for your children.

As you can rent a daily or weekly villa in Cyprus for your holiday, also you can buy one for investment. As you can understand from our article in general, having a house in Cyprus, especially in the summer, can bring you a nice income. Buying a house in Cyprus is a very profitable option. If you are going to buy an investment property, we recommend you to buy it, especially close to the centre and to casinos. If you own a villa in one of these areas, you can make a lot more profit.

You may have questions about how to find the right house when renting a daily or weekly villa for your holiday or buying an estate for investment. We recommend you to work with an experienced real estate firm who knows the area very well to find the right villa for both situations. Our Company has been providing services for real estate buying, selling or renting in Cyprus for many years. Since 2004, we have been working to find the right house for our clients. You can find the besthouse for you by contacting Summer Home Real Estate Company over the internet without even having to come to Cyprus. If you submit your requirements to us over the internet, employees who can serve in 16 different languages will work to find the right one for you. They will share the options they have found with you on the internet and assist you in the decision-making process.

Once you have decided the right villa for you, and you are coming to Cyprus. We can also help you with your arrival and then to your villa. You can also get help from Summer Home real estate agency to help you organize your holiday. We have assumed that you have come to Cyprus for a holiday and we have mentioned what services you can get from us. Even if you want to buy an investment property, we can support you in many processes.