Villas for sale in Alanya | Villas in Alanya

The popularity of Alanya comes from its amazing nature that brings Mediterranean Coast and Taurus Mountains together, its sunny and hot climate and friendly people. These qualities make all the properties in Alanya on high demand but especially villas for sale in Alanya are very popular. Many Turkish and European people prefer villas in Alanya to rent for vacation or to own one as a second home.

Nature and Climate

Alanya offers beautiful beaches and mountainous areas. The villas near the coastal parts have the advantage of breathing the sea smell anytime you want. You can rest at the balcony of your villa and have meals or your coffee while viewing the sea. The mountainous parts of Alanya have the cool breeze coming from Taurus Mountains. The climate of Alanya has more sunny days than cloudy ones during the year. This makes the vacation season long. Additionally; these climate and natural features enable a rich cuisine which offers you several different kinds of fruits and vegetables during whole year.

Life in Alanya for Foreigners

There are many foreign people who prefer Alanya and rent or buy villas there. Therefore, people living in there like the multicultural environment in the area. You can see the signs and signboards in different languages everywhere. Also, people mostly speak English. In terms of financial issues, it is easier for European people to live in Turkey, in general, due to the currency difference. In Alanya, the prices are not high, especially for food and clothing. There are cheap options in all kinds of goods. For example, you may prefer to buy your food from weekly markets where fruits and vegetables are cheaper and fresher.

Villas in Alanya

Alanya offers a great deal of villas you can choose from. There are rentals with furniture and white goods or villas for sale in Alanya. The private ones generally include a garden, pool and an open car park. Also, villas in residential sites can be preferred for their well-maintained communal facilities. Alanya is a safe location but, just in case, nearly all villas, especially the ones in sites, offer security services. They are modernly decorated and well-maintained properties. Most of them are spacious and some of them have two living rooms. They are comfortable and elegant.

Purchasing a Villa as a Foreigner

For foreigners who want to visit Alanya for a short period such as a vacation, getting a visa is easy. It can be handled online (e-visa) with a fee. The fee changes depending on your nationality and travel documents. After you apply, your visa is sent to your e-mail. For buying a villa in Turkey, it is better to contact an agency that help services for the procedure. You can legally own a villa in Alanya as a foreigner by complying the necessary requirements. The public institution that deals with sales of properties is General Directorate for Land Registry and Cadastre. Our services include assistance through both rentals and sales. You can contact us for information on the details of the process and request help once you choose the property you want to buy.