Property in Tosmur | Apartments in Tosmur

Tosmur is a peaceful and cute district of Alanya. It is 4 kilometers from Alanya center; it is nested in the center but with a very convenient distance. It has a very convenient location, which is easily reachable with public transport and by car. It is on the coastline of Mediterranean Sea. It starts from Dim Creek up to Oba district of Alanya.

The residential areas are very close to the beach line of the district. You can wake up to the amazing view of Mediterranean Sea from your balcony. The sea is crystal-clear and the naturally sandy beach is clean in the area. The climate is Mediterranean; in summer it is hot and dry, in winter it is warm and rainy. The sunny holiday season lasts up to 9 months, so the winter weather stays for a short time. The humidity is very high in the area.

Nature of Tosmur is amazing with hills covered with pine trees and fruit gardens and fields such as bananas, oranges, lemons, plums, figs, etc. Dim Creek is in the district with its amazing beauty. There are picnic fields around the creek where you can have peaceful and relaxing days. Due to these qualities Tosmur receives the attention of many tourists each year. Also, life is easy in Tosmur. For starters, there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables you can find in weekly market for a really cheap price. Also, it has nearly all shops, facilities and activities you may need of want.

Due to its convenient distance from the center of Alanya, Tosmur is a peaceful district with many features. Many tourists prefer the area because of its clean, safe, cozy and peaceful environment. You can comfortably chill and enjoy the beaches, nature and quiet in Tosmur with your friends or family.