Buy Property in Turkey | Real Estate in Turkey

Many people would like to have a home in the place where they can feel comfortable. There are many factors that persuade us to choose one country instead of another. If you have possibility to buy a home abroad, Turkey is one of the best options for you. People select the countries with proximity to the sea, warm weather for the main part of the year, great foods, and services.

All those factors increase the prices of real estate in many European countries, however the prices in Turkey are still more affordable than in Europe, plus you get everything what you are looking for:

- the Mediterranean climate has the summer season which last from March to November with hot summers and mild winters,

- Mediterranean and Aegean Sea with its great coastal scenery,

- beautiful culture, historical places,

- Turkish people are kind and friendly and tourists are highly satisfied with services in this country,

- the costs of living are low,

- low property taxes,

- property holders can apply for citizenship and living permission without problems,

- resale of the property and rental income with profit: investors in Turkey have been more than satisfied with their investment returns either from a steady rental income or overall capital gain.

So make a good decision,

buy a property in Turkey

and come to live here!

Turkey is a wonderful country preferred by tourists mainly for its historical places, culture and beautiful seaside resorts along Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. Recently, it has become more and more popular for spa and healthcare tourism. The nature is one of the main reasons why foreigners have started to

buy a property in Turkey

. Many people choose this country to live and to retire in.

Investment Property in Turkey


Turkey has advantageous geographical location, situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Turkey provides large capacity and strength in the construction sector, population growth and demographic advantage, extensive urban development and much more. It offers great potential for investors in real estate in Turkey.

Economy of Turkey

Turkey is defined by many specialists as one of the world´s newly industrialized countries. Many countries have been unable to recover their economy from the recent global financial recession, but the Turkish economy has, on the other hand, expanded. Its economy is one of the fastest growing in Europe and also in the world.

However, the economic growth has slowed down a little bit in the last years, but property market in Turkey is still one of the best markets in Europe.

Costs of Living in Turkey

If you decide to buy a property, you want to know all the possible information about monthly and annual costs. Costs of living in Turkey are quite low if you compare them to European countries. Monthly or annual maintenance costs of apartments or villas depend on the location. They usually involve cleaning of the whole complex including swimming pool, electricity generator, gardener and more. However, water and electric bills are separated, but those numbers are not high, yet everything depends on the size of the apartment or villa.

Prices of Real Estate in Turkey

Property in Turkey

has really reasonable prices in comparison with other countries. Many foreigners find real estate in Turkey very attractive and invest here. In the next few years, the prices of property are expected to grow, so the investments in apartments and houses will eventually return. It means that nowadays is really great opportunity for foreigners to buy their holiday home in Turkey. It´s destination mostly for holidays, but a lot of people have decided to spend their retirement in this country, not only because of reasonable prices of apartments and villas for sale, but also for its beautiful nature, kind people, low costs of living and life without stress mostly near the sea.

Tourism Destination – Holiday Homes in Turkey

As a well-known tourism destination, Turkey is among the most popular tourist countries in the world. In 2014, Turkey was 6th most visited country with over 35 million tourists. In 2015, the number of tourists has declined, especially because of crisis in Russia, Turkish elections and Turkish-Kurdish problems in tourism destinations. Turkey´s tourism profit fell down in the last quarter of this year. It was tough year for Turkey with all the problems around, but it hasn´t change anything about the fact that Turkey, with its lovely nature, great climate and culture, is still one of the most attractive destinations not only for tourists, but also for new coming residents.