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General Information

Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean with 9152 km2 of land making it the third-largest island after Sicily and Sardinia. Its neighbours are Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. 

Geography and Climate

The mountains and plains in Hatay (Turkey) continue with similar characteristics in Cyprus. Cyprus is connected to Anatolia by a submarine platform with a depth of several hundred meters.

Karli Mountain in the south (1952m) cover the majority with the Besparmak mountains. The Karpaz peninsula is located on the northeast side. There are lakes on the southern and eastern shores of the island.

Cyprus Island has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers (June to September) are dry and hot, winters (November to March) are generally rainy but warm. The spring and autumn seasons are warm and pleasant. The average annual temperature is 20°C (68 F).

Turkish-Greek Relations in History

Between 1963 and 1974, the island of Cyprus became an agenda between the Greek and Turkish communities due to the cultural differences. Turkey's military intervention in 1974 divided Cyprus between two separate and independent states. There is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot Administration in the south.


The easiest and safest way to get to Cyprus is by plane. You can go to Ercan International Airport from İstanbul, İzmir, and Ankara. Once you reach the airport, you can get by taxis or with renting a car. Some of the hotels and resorts have special shuttle services. Mostly, local people recommend loaning a car because it is more economical and convenient.

There is another way to go to Cyprus. You can reach the island by ferries from Mersin, Tasucu and Alanya Harbors. However, this journey can be difficult for you if you have seasickness. Because the sea road is long and waves can shake the ferry when there are big waves. The ferry has an average capacity of 250 people and operates every day except Saturdays. Approximate travel time is 2½ hours. Another alternative is to travel in your car; the journey takes about 6-8 hours. Ferries with cars contain 120 vehicles / 800 passengers, and it operates from Mersin and Tasucu to Kyrenia and Famagusta.


You can buy a summer house on the island and enjoy stunning scenery, fabulous beaches, and old ruins. Cyprus is the number one destination to feel the vitality of the summer and to relax. 

There are multiple opportunities who want to buy/rent a property in Cyprus. There are five main locations within the island: Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Morphou, and Lefke. Similar all around the world, the price increases depending on the number of rooms, location in the city, distance to the beach, and pool. You can usually find villas for sale and rent in Cyprus. However, our team can find any property, including apartments, depends on your request. The most expensive house (it is possible to find different prices on many property sites) is 6.500.000 US Dollars. It is probable to find houses with large spaces like 1000m2. 

It is worth mentioning that there are mansions and penthouses for large organizations and events. Please feel free to contact us for details. We can find the most suitable places to meet your needs as well as your budget.


Food: You should try peach kebab, kleftiko, hellim cheese, Cypriot coffee, Cypriot dessert, meatballs and kolakas, which are great tastes in Cyprus. During your holiday, you may encounter flavours that appeal to your taste. For those who like vegetable dishes, we recommend a vegetable dish prepared with a particular plant in Cyprus. 

Travel: Each corner is surrounded by historical buildings and natural beauties that have survived to this day. You can visit Bellapias Monastery, Kyrenia Castle, St George Church, Venetian Tower in Kyrenia. At the same time, in Nicosia, the Great Han, Selimiye Mosque and the Armenian Church are among the must-see places.

If you come to Cyprus in the hot summer months, do not miss the opportunity to swim in the sea, which is famous for having the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Moreover, not only in the summer but from mid-spring to autumn, the air temperature is suitable for swimming. If you want to have fun and enjoy the sea, you can choose the beaches of Kyrenia hotels, or you can turn your route to the Karpaz area, known for its natural beauty. According to many travellers, one of the best beaches is the Golden Beach. Salamis Ruins are a must-see place for travellers interested in history and ancient ruins. You also can see the old theatre, the Zeus Temple and other ruins from the Roman period. 

Shopping: You can find everything you need in Cyprus stores. If you are interested in more traditional places, visit Nicosia and Kyrenia. These two locations are favourited amongst tourists because of the diversity and reasonable prices. You can purchase special materials, such as ceramics, tiles, silk, pillow covers, fridge magnets, and scarves. If these gifts are too cliché and you want something else, you can check out the few shops that sell old copper and antique household items in Kyrenia.

If you require additional information about Cyprus, please do not hesitate to contact our Summer House Turkey team. You can communicate with us and then we can draw a better road map.