Buy Property in Alanya | Real Estate in Alanya

Alanya is in the surrounding regions of the Turkish Riviera and provides apartments for sale and villas for every budget and taste in the busy centre or its peaceful surroundings which offer a more natural habitat. When it comes to investing, the best option would be to find a great living area close to the sea, which is also reasonably priced. They can either be apartments or villas; all you have to do is inform us which one and we will help you with the rest.

Alanya is located in the Mediterranean Region of Antalya Province. It has a great position between two airports: Antalya International airport, which is approximately 90 minutes and Gazipasa Airport with a shorter distance of 30 minutes. Antalya or Gazipasa operate with both domestic and international flights, therefore making it easy to get to Alanya.

Alanya as a Holiday Destination

Alanya has turned into the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, located between the Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains. It offers terrific weather with long hot summers and mild winters with little rain. There are nice beaches with the most favoured one known as Cleopatra Beach. Alanya has kind and friendly people, Alanya famous nightlife with many restaurants, bars and discos at your disposal. Alanya is renowned for Dim Valley, a beautiful place in green nature that attracts many tourists. The area is full of riverside restaurants where people may enjoy the relaxing sound of flowing water from the Dim River.

Those are the reasons why Alanya is a visited location in Turkey for buying a property. Many foreigners own their apartments and villas in Turkey. People pend their long holidays here, some of them have already moved to Alanya to live and also to retire.

Costs of Living in Alanya

Life for foreign people in Alanya is good. The cost of a property for sale in Alanya are very reasonable, and living costs is also cheap. Of course, everything depends on the location and size of the estate. Monthly and annual expenses in Alanya Region are not high, bills for electricity and water come every month, and prices are approximately 100-140 euros in total. If you choose an apartment in residence, there is an extra monthly payment for maintenance of the complex, including cleaning the swimming pool and a back-up generator (This, of course, varies on the size of your apartment/villa).

High Rental Income of Property in Alanya

If you choose to buy a real estate in Alanya, you can expect a high investment return. The value of the real estate is growing every year, in the last few years, the real estate market has experienced a growth of 20-25%. Many people use their houses as holiday homes, which means most of the year, properties are empty. To receive a return from their investment, many decide to rent their property. This is one of many reasons why you should buy a property in Alanya. Rental income in this district is quite high, and the opportunity of renting your apartment or villa all year round is an excellent way of earning an extra income.

Districts of Alanya Region

In Alanya, there are many different and unique places with a wide choice of houses for sale. Many people love the life in the famous centre of Alanya, where they are close to everything that they need. The main street is packed with restaurants, shops, bazaar and cafes, and it is just a few minutes walking distance from Alanya's harbour with its boats and nightlife. The "Red Tower" in the harbour area is a major attraction in Alanya. It provides, another attraction is the historical Alanya Castle and its ruins up on the hill from where tourists have a magnificent view of Alanya. Apartments for sale in Alanya are within walking distance of the beach and city centre.

Property in Cikcilli

Alanya consists of many districts. The closest district to Alanya's centre is Cikcilli. Cikcilli is a cosy and calm area, walking distance to the heart of Alanya and beach. It has a bigger shopping mall. This district is popular among foreigners, where more and more are investing in a property.

Property in Oba

Another prominent part of Alanya is Oba. It is situated in calm and quiet surroundings that many foreign buyers prefer. Many big complexes are built in this district, where people can enjoy all the facilities of a residence. Therefore it is suitable for people who want to settle in a quiet place, but at the same time being close to all the amenities needed for life. Oba offers beautiful apartments for sale in residential complexes for reasonable prices.

Tosmur is another section of Alanya, directly behind Oba. Tosmur provides a calm environment, beautiful green nature with the Dim Valley, which is very close. Prices of properties in Tosmur are affordable for all kinds of budgets, mainly because its location is a little bit farther from the centre of Alanya.

Property in Kestel

Kestel is a peaceful area in Alanya that offers wonderful surroundings, blue flag beach and many apartments for sale. These luxurious complexes are for people to enjoy their holiday home and live in a calm place. Many residential buildings are under construction. Although Kestel was not so popular in the past, nowadays it has been changing, and Kestel has become one of the most favourite places for buying a property in Alanya.

Property in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar is a popular holiday resort mainly for its friendly streets and restaurants. People who are looking for a more affordable property to live in, Mahmutlar is an exceptional investment at a good price.

On the way from Alanya to Antalya, we have other holiday resorts. Konakli is the closest resort to Alanya, which also provides reasonably priced houses for sale which are generally near the beach.

Many foreigners buy a property in Avsallar. This area offers good prices and set in quiet natural surroundings. For those who would like to be nearby the stunning sandy beach and do not to admire the nightlife, Avsallar is a perfect choice.

The region of Alanya does not offer only residential complexes with apartments and penthouses for sale, but you can find amazing villas in Tepe or Kargicak. Properties for sale with reasonable prices are situated in the marvellous Taurus Mountains and provide incredible views over the sea and mountains. Many foreigners decide to buy property in this area to enjoy living in a natural area far away from the stress of the city.