Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

A Power of attorney is written document that provides an authorization to act on another´s behalf. The power of Vekaletnameattorney is used mainly in legal matters when one part can not participate.

The power of attorney must be signed in the notary office in Turkey by both sides – the attorney-in-fact and the principal.
While buying a property in Turkey, you may need to use the power of attorney in the case when you do not live in Turkey and you are not able to visit it that often. Summer Home Real Estate advise its customers to provide the power of attorney to trustworthy person or to our real estate agency when client can not come to finish the purchasing process.

Benefits of Power of Attorney

If customer provides the power of attorney to us, Summer Home Real Estate, we can handle all the paperwork and obtain the title deed (Tapu) from Tapu office in customer´s name and save the client from spending unnecessary time and money for travelling to Turkey. The power of attorney is needed in all official offices and if you do not have any trustworthy person in Turkey, your real estate will help you also in this matter.

Important Facts While Providing Power of Attorney

This document should be given only on necessary matters, such as buying a property in Turkey, its need for Land Registry Office to get the title need of your property, for water and electricity subsciption. It is not needed to provide the general power.

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