Penthouse for sale in Turkey | Penthouse in Turkey


A penthouse, which can be called as “luxury penthouse flat”, is included in some housing projects. Located on the top floor of the buildings, with high ceilings, offering a panoramic view of your location, which usually leads directly from the parking area to the elevator. This type of apartment is also known as the "king suite".

However, “king suite” was not the main case before. Origins of the penthouse come from history. Nowadays, lofts are seen as luxurious living spaces, because they often appear in buildings built in the city centre. However, it was not always that way. Previously, the lofts of buildings in abandoned industrial areas of the city were used mainly by students and artists.

As a result of the research in Turkey, it can be seen that penthouses are located more in Istanbul. The high prices of the properties, crowded population and density make people look for penthouses in different areas. You can find penthouse properties in other cities as well. Bursa, Izmir, and Ankara also have them.


There are a couple of advantages of living in a penthouse. First, its sense of height and width. You get this sense because of visual obstructions from walls or corridors. Second, more natural light can reach the property. Due to the absence of any walls or barriers, light is easily dispersed in the space and creates a more vibrant and spacious environment.

You can decorate easily. You do not have to follow a predetermined decor or the general style of the house. You can organize this place completely according to your needs and tastes. In other words, it is quite easy for the individual to create a unique order in the penthouses.

Lastly, if you like to work in a relaxed atmosphere, you can decorate your penthouse in the form of a workshop where you will especially deal with artwork.


Depending on the construction company, the sound isolation is the first disadvantage of this penthouse. Because of the lack of walls in the interior, it is very difficult to prevent sound from outside. 

Lastly, heating or air conditioning can be a problem for you. The roof is on you directly, so that your flat can absorb everything from outside. Especially in the winter, you may be sick every week. 

However, all the negativities can be solved by choosing the exact penthouse with its furniture, devices, and machines. Summer Home Real Estate team is here for helping you to find the best possible option.