Istanbul Apartments

Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey. Spread over a large area, this city is the primary source of the country's economic return. 15 million people live there, and it is home to many international and domestic companies. We can talk about many valuable features of the city. Its history, culture, entertainment, trade zone, and international transit are just a few of them. To work regularly, you can stay at a hostel or an apartment. In this article, we are going to inform you about the advantages of the city.

Istanbul as a Center

The city can be seen as the capital of commerce and economy. The city, which is home to hundreds of companies in many different fields such as textile, consultancy, automotive, fast consumption, technology, and many different subjects, is the main reason for this trade. It also has a very valuable position in terms of education and tourism. The number of foreign students entering internationally proven universities is increasing every day.

The city’s cultural images constitute its identity. Istanbul served as the capital for Ottoman, Byzantium, and Roman Empires. All of those built exceptional buildings throughout the city. Mosques, churches, monuments, streets, schools, and towers can be given as examples.


You can have fun in many different ways, such as concerts, theatres, festivals, football, and basketball matches. If you want to go to night clubs, there are many options. If you want to worship, you have access to numerous places. In short, Istanbul is a city that appeals to every person.

You may need an apartment if you enter a full-time job, study or other special purposes. The most important advice we can give about buying an apartment is the location. Getting an apartment from an easily accessible location to your workplace or school will be a good choice. Because the number of cars circulating in the city is high and sometimes the infrastructure cannot handle this capacity at some rush hours.

Where to buy your apartment

To minimize both human and vehicle traffic, you should determine the neighbourhood that you will but the apartment well. After that, you can look at apartment prices.

After deciding on the location, the prices of the apartments vary especially according to the floor and the date the apartment was built. The age of the building is very important in this region because it is lying in an earthquake zone.

The proximity to public transport is another feature that determines the value of the apartment. Public transport in Istanbul has a complex structure. You can use different vehicles such as metro, ferry, bus, Metrobus, minibus, taxi and bicycle.

Cost of Living in Istanbul

The life of foreign people in Istanbul can be considered “good.” According to the numbers from “Numbeo”, the meal in the inexpensive restaurant costs 4.64€. Water (0.33 litre) is only 0.25€, coke (0.33 litre) is 0.65€, one-kilo chicken breasts 3.46€. Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment is 60.77€. Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) is   23,973.88€.

High Rental Income of Property in Istanbul

If you decide to buy a property in Istanbul, you would make an investment that will not age. Because Istanbul is a city that continues to develop day by day. The real estate is always active because every person of various backgrounds needs a home. In that sense having your home is equivalent to having your income.

Let’s say you are looking for an apartment for rent in a central neighbourhood on the upper floors and 10 years or less age. And you saw one apartment advert which was added as for rent yesterday. However, it would be possible that the apartment might be already rented by someone else before you take the action. Our point is, if you buy an apartment, your house will never be empty. Your income may be very high depending on the location. This can also be seen as a rational investment.

Locations in Istanbul

There are 39 districts and 960 neighbourhoods in Istanbul. Beşiktaş, Şişli, Beyoğlu, Üsküdar, Kadıköy, and Sarıyer are costs of the Bosporus.

These districts have both coastal and internal settlements in terms of geographical locations. As it is on the Bosphorus coast and its historical texture, Beşiktaş, Üsküdar, and Beyoğlu look like a permanent touristic sightseeing place.

Both districts’ socio-cultural life is constantly active thanks to theatres, cinemas, and cultural centres. Especially Şişli and Beşiktaş have vibrant and very lively trading life. Plazas, international hotel businesses, and shopping malls are available.

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