Irreplaceable for Surfing Enthusiasts With Its Favorable Wind: Gökçeada

Irreplaceable for Surfing Enthusiasts With Its Favorable Wind: Gökçeada
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Gökçeada, which has the title of “the first Cittaslow island” in the world, with its favorable winds has a rush of domestic and foreign enthusiasts.

• Gökçeada, which has the largest island with its 297 square kilometer face, started to make a name for itself with its natural and cultural beauties as well as wind sports such as “windsurf” and “kiteboard”.

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and other places such as Bursa, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium and Germany, a very passionate of translations, the camp in Aydıncık and early in the morning continues. reading.

Gökçeada Mayor Ünal Çetin said that the district had a very important distance in terms of windsurfing.

While emphasizing that Gökçeada is starting to attract people from all world, instead of just the country, he said:


Var There is an indispensable place for the athletes to ensure a steady wind rise on the island and at the point of wind efficiency. We wish our guests from Belgium and Germany enjoy great mobility in the following kiteboards and windsurf.

• Gökçeada's windsurfing point in Aydıncık'ta stating that developments were made in the direction of Cetin, said:

• Our tourism claim that we have initiated to reach future generations, we are moving to include windsurfing. How can we achieve it? De Eco and agricultural tourism and tourism and health sports. We are kiteboarding and windsurfing partnership to turn his eyes to the island for sports


Volkan Günel, a surf instructor with a windsurfing school in Aydıncık, said that they were entertained by those who are fond of this sport in Gökçeada.

• Günel was opened in Istanbul in the early 2000s, perhaps by saying that schooling had been transported to Gökçeada and said, I fell in love with Gökçeada's branch and wind, nature. a place.

Günel, who mentioned about windsurfing and kiteboarding on the island for 9 months, told the trophy: "Here, 24 hours a day winds blowing. 700-800 people in a large bay and very comfortable slippage. It is a paradise place. Its nature is also quite dazzling.”