Buying a house in Antalya is an excellent opportunity to purchase real estate and turn it into a permanent and profitable source of income. Also, once you own your very own home, you will have the liberty of staying with no time limit.

Property in Anlalya

Buying a house in Antalya is a good investment for reasonable prices

What are the advantages of purchasing a home in Antalya

Well, the first benefits of buying a home in this region are its climate and nature. From March to November, the temperature is always above + 20ºС. Also, in the winter, there is no snow, and it never gets lower than + 5ºС. Other benefits include the following:

  • The tax for buying a house in Turkey is 4% of the total cost of the property upon purchase;
  • Affordable utility bills;
  • Annual property tax( each year) is up to 0.02% of the value of your house.

Turkey has excellent international flights that travel most parts of the world all year round. The quality of medical services in Turkey is quite high. An employer can pay in your health insurance, and every family member( wife/ husband, child ) can benefit from it. Private health insurance must be issued within 12 months; otherwise, it won't be possible to obtain a residence permit.

Benefits of Buying a Home
Antalya apartments for sale are very suitable for investing money in real estate.

Antalya is considered as a holiday resort and living area, that is why there is always high demands for properties. That is why we can comfortably say that the homeowner will easily be able to sell and rent out their home. When taking in other regions of Turkey, housing prices here are much more affordable.

Obtaining a Residence Permit & Citizenship in Turkey

Immediately after purchasing a home, you can apply for a residence permit. After buying the house, the whole process of obtaining residency permits takes approximately one month. The validity of such a residence permit based on the TAPU (certificate of ownership) is two years. The process of extending your residence permit is the same as when obtaining a residence permit for the first time. You will need to apply for an extension within two weeks to 45 days, and then you will receive an extension of a residence permit.

If you wish to apply for citizenship, you can obtain it after five years of residence. But for this, you must still own the house you applied with, and even though you can leave the country within the five years, you must not stay abroad Turkey for over 360 days. Also, you can obtain citizenship in Turkey without waiting for five years and dealing with the process of residence. The only thing necessary is to acquire a house with a total cadastral value of more than $ 250,000.

Obtaining citizenship in Turkey is not possible if your residence permit is based on your rental contract.

An important feature - the TAPU document, not only confirms the right of ownership but also allows you to apply for ownership to your relatives (wife/husband and children). Banks in Turkey also give loans to people from 21 to 65 years old. They are offered in Turkish Lira, Euros, US Dollars, and Rubles.

What Real Estate Can be Purchased in Antalya

In this touristic centre, there are a large number of apartments, villas, land, and other objects located by the sea or overlooking the mountains.

You can buy Antalya houses for sale with any number of rooms ranging from 1 to 5 bedrooms( apartments, villas, or penthouses). The best option would be to buy an apartment and from the real estate that is under construction by the developer. Such objects in Antalya are leased quickly, buying them is easy and affordable, and you can use the instalment plan that the construction company has to offer. New apartments for sale in Antalya provide spectacular views of the city, beach, and Taurus mountains. Within the house, you can find a modern design.

Buying a home from the owner in the secondary market is the easiest option, but you will need to pay immediately and in full. In addition, you will need to make repairs yourself.

General Information About The City

The province of Antalya is located on the south side of the country, on the Mediterranean coast. The distance to Istanbul is 480 kilometres, and Ankara is 380 kilometres. Also, Antalya is known as the 7th largest city in Turkey, with a population of more than 1,001,300 people. Several areas differ in their features; as an example, the city centre is considered the main touristic area. It attracts tourists with clean sandy beaches, green vegetation, a warm climate, and numerous attractions.

The primary source of transportation is a bus and minibus; there is no metro system. In Antalya, there is a water park, a dolphinarium, and a zoo.

Choosing the best area

The most popular regions for purchasing real estate are the following:

  1. Konyaalti
  2. Lara
  3. Isiklar
  4. Kundu
Konyaalti is a relatively new and rapidly developing area of Antalya.

Konyaalti is famous for its fine sand beach, natural landscape, lively bars, restaurants, shops. You can buy an affordable apartment, luxury apartments in a prestigious complex with numerous facilities, such as:

  • parking
  • pool
  • garden
  • playground
  • spa
  • fitness

The properties are equipped with CCTV's, 24/7 security. The complexes are located at a distance of 100 meters from the beach, from the centre of Antalya is 10-15 kilometres and 20 kilometres from the international airport.

In this residential area, there are constantly new constructions, so you can buy an apartment under development to save money.

Lara is a trendy area in the eastern part, located next to the skirts of the Tauros mountains, but significantly close to the coast of the sandy Lara beach. That is why you can find many houses and a large number of residents.

Lara is also a business district with many business centers in Antalya. You can find many representative offices and offices of the largest companies are located here, so the demand for commercial real estate is significantly high.

Isiklar is the central part of the city. There are numerous buildings, but there are few new buildings, the noise level exceeds the norm. Accessibility to the sea depends on the location of housing. The traffic is heavy, and a high number of pedestrians. Apartments in residential buildings here are sold 12-14% less compared to other areas. The area is suitable for customers residing in cities.

Isiklar is a business district of the city. Real estate here is bought by people who plan to live and work in Antalya constantly.

Kundu is located 20-25 kilometres from the centre of the village. The northern parts are removed from the coast, and therefore there is less demand for real estate from foreign buyers, that is why they are more affordable.

Hotels and mini-hotels are constantly being built, which makes it possible to invest in commercial properties in Kundu profitably. The city hall plans to make this district the status of a VIP zone. The entrance will be allowed only with guest passes.

In the central part of the city, there are a large number of protected historical sites and apartment buildings. You can see the narrow cobbled streets, mosques, and fortress walls. Throughout the year, there are many tourists and souvenir shops.

The old town of Kaleici is in demand among investors; the need for real estate is very high. You can buy a cheap cottage, an old house, a mansion, restore and resell with a primary advantage for yourself or use it as a hotel-motel.

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