How and where to Buy a Property in Alanya: The Advantages of Buying a Villa and an Overview of Popular Areas of The City

Average cost growth of 1 square metre of land in Turkey for 2019 has increased up to 26%. The number of emigrants that have purchased real estate has gone up by 14.7% compared to 2018. Buying a property for sale in Alanya is profitable and prestigious. After selling your villa or renting it out, you will make a profit.

buy a house in Alanya

Buying property in Alanya is prestigious.

The Advantages of Buying a Home in Alanya

The resort town of Alanya is located in the province of Antalya on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It has over 300,000 and is increasing annually due to the arrival of immigrants. The locals are friendly.

As Summer Home Real Estate, we will educate you with the benefits of buying a villa or other Turkish real estate and living in Alanya:

  1. Alanya is a well-known city with a developed infrastructure. There are public and private hospitals, banks, shops, language schools, two universities (named after Alaaddin Keykubat, in which tuition for Turkish citizens is free and private - named after Hamdullah Emin Pasha).
  2. In Alanya, there are no factories and plants regarding of any industry, traffic jams and air pollution.
  3. The primary source in the economy of the city is tourism and agriculture. Here vegetables, fruits, berries, citrus fruits, olives are grown without any manipulation. There are banana plantations. Exotic fruits are growing: figs, avocados, mangoes, papaya, quinces, etc. Fresh fruits and vegetables are served in the markets all year round and at a low price.
  4. Alanya is protected from the cold winds by the Taurus Mountains, which stretch along the Turkish coast. The climate is subtropical, and there are over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year. The average annual air temperature is + 20 ° С. Winter is rainy, and summer is hot. Humidity is 70%, and August is considered the hottest month.
  5. When renting a villa, the income will be 7% per year of the cost of the house.
  6. Alanya has a modern road infrastructure. The interval between city buses is about 15 minutes. Buti if you are in a hurry or which to travel within the city more comfortably, there are also taxi’s. From the bus station, there are intercity buses. Gazipasa Airport is 45 km from the city, and Antalya International Airport is 125 km away. The town is a promenade for walking and cycling. The coast has a length of about 20 km.
  7. You can buy a villa in Alanya with a view of the sea or mountains almost 2-3 times cheaper than in the city of Antalya. For example, a small house (about 100 m2) can be purchased for 50,000-100,000 Euros. Elite villas cost from 500,000 to 1,500,000 euros.

Alanya has a developed infrastructure and good environmental conditions.

What Kind of Properties can be Purchased

As Summer Home, we offer homes from the builder or a resale from the owner. During the construction of the property, quality materials are used: natural stone, red brick, wood, sandwich panels, aerated concrete blocks.

On our website you can find information about Properties in Alanya for any budget, costing from 47,000 euros and above. These are villas with lawn and pools, with terraces and balconies with sea or mountain views.

There are some houses with furniture and household appliances.

There are villas for sale located in residential guarded complexes with internal infrastructure:

  • Outdoor pool
  • The garden
  • Round the clock security; parking, etc.

Best Areas in Buying Homes in Alanya

Our company Summer Home provides you with the opportunity before purchasing a home to get acquainted with the areas in Alanya:


This is a tourist area. Located in the centre of Alanya, which has a developed infrastructure. Here are the main attractions of the city: the medieval fortress Kizil Kule (Red Tower), the archaeological museum, Damlatas cave with an area of ​​200 square meters. With its stalactites and stalagmites, where a constant air temperature of + 23 ° C and a humidity of 95%. Cleopatra beach stretches about 2 km on the coast, that is stretched with sand and small pebbles. Near the beach, there is a water park.


Avsallar has about 10,000 people live here. Located 20 km from the centre of Alanya, It is a picturesque area surrounded by pine trees where the Alara River flows. In Avsallar there are supermarkets such as Bim and Migros, banks, pharmacies, cafes, sandy beaches with a length of 2 km, along which are about 20 hotels.


Quiet and remote area, located 25 km from Alanya. The population is 3000 people. There are no bars and disco in this location. The beaches are sandy and nearby are the Taurus Mountains. Buses run regularly to Alanya. This place is for those who want to have a modest house on the beach in a quiet area.


Cikcilli is a new residential area in Alanya. Located 5 km from the centre. The population is 9,000 people. The town is situated in a hilly area. From the windows of the houses, you can see orange groves and banana palm trees. In this location, there are no night clubs.


The area with a population of 5000 people is 15 km away from Alanya (20 minutes by bus). On the border of the village is the Utopia World hotel. There are only markets, small shops and only a few restaurants within this area. The villas have panoramic views of the sea, mountains, and fortress. Sandy beaches are 5 km away, and you can find the ruins of the ancient city of Siedra just a few minutes drive away. Here you can walk along the old streets, sit on a bench, drink clean water from its spring.


This location is a new district only 7 km away from Alanya. The village is home to 8,000 people. Most buildings are low-rise. There are only two central streets: Embankment and Ataturk. You can find primary and secondary schools, language schools. The beach in the area is sandy and slightly pebbled. The border with the neighbouring region of Tosmur runs along the Dimcay River, which is famous for vacationers.


Located 12 km from the centre of Alanya. The population is 35,000, of which 10,000 are immigrants from the CIS. The area has developed infrastructure. There are seven public schools, including a Russian school, private medical clinic, parks, and Migros store. Mahmutlar has many banana plantations and orange orchards.


 It is preferred by property buyers from Europe and is considered prestigious. Located at a distance of 3 km from the centre of Alanya, the population is 22,000. The district has a large stadium, Alanyum shopping centre, Koctas building materials store, Metro supermarket, the new Alaaddin Keykubat Hospital, an embankment with flower beds and fountains, and many orange trees. There are almost no free sites for building. Property prices are higher than in other areas.


The population is 30,000. The area is located 4 km from Alanya and is surrounded by coniferous forests. There is a dolphinarium. Another attraction of the area is the Dimcay River, on which a dam is built. Along the river, there are many places for recreation. Here, even on hot days, cool air blows due to the cold water that flows down to the sea. There are restaurants on the water that serve trout. On the mountain slopes are visible orange and lemon groves.

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