How to Buy an Apartment in Mersin (Turkey): Advantages and Conditions of Purchase, a City Overview

Over the past five years, the city of Mersin in Turkey has become a known area throughout the years. You can quickly and easily buy an apartment here with the help of our company brokers. Real estate investments can serve as a supporter while choosing by investing.

City of Mersin

bird's eye view of a part of Mersin

The Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Mersin

Over the past two and a half years, about 5,000 citizens from Russia have purchased or rented housing in Mersin. The Hurriyet Daily News reported this regarding the National Statistical Institute of Turkey (TUİK).

A broad Russian-speaking trend has already formed in Mersin. Some kindergartens and elementary school which have started to teach Russian as well as German and English as their second language. There are educational institutions with training in English. Last year, a school was opened for the children of Russian specialists who work on the construction of Akkuyu NPP.

Mersin is not known for being a trendy tourist center, and that is why there are no international flights to here. The distance to Ankara is 480 kilometers, to Antalya 490, to Istanbul 932, and to Trabzon, it is 910 kilometers. The nearest airport is in the city of Adana and transfers from it takes about an hour. Foreigners usually find transfers from Istanbul or Ankara.


The town is quite far from major international airports

Houses for sale in Mersin, Turkey are mostly used only for buying, and in the summer, there is no influx of tourists.

The price of apartments here is significantly lower compared to other tourist centers: property in Alanya, property in Istanbul, and property in Antalya. The same applies to house maintenance and the cost of utilities.

At the same time, the quality of infrastructure is no different compared to Bodrum and Alanya. There are many means for public transportation and a sufficient number of parking areas; there are large shopping centres such as Soli Center, Migros, Kipa, and Forum Mersin.

Shopping centers

There are many shopping centres in Mersin

When investing in an apartment or land, keep in mind that the construction of the Cukurova Havalimanı Airport is near completion only 40 kilometres from Mersin. According to the Minister of Transportation, Ahmet Arslan, the international terminal will accept direct flights from Moscow and other countries. By doing so, it is expected that it will also bring in tourists and popularity.

In November last year, the mayor of Mersin, Vahap Secer, announced that in the near future that they are planning to build a metro line through the city, which would relieve the heavy traffic in the city centre. All real estates near the underground railway line are expected to rise in price.

The climate on the southeast coast of Turkey is the same as in Cyprus. This means that the swimming season lasts from late April to mid-October. Also, there is no suffocating heat in combination with high humidity when compared to cities like Adana and Antalya. The temperature in summer during the daytime does not exceed 34 ° C, and at night it never drops bellow 22-24 ° C.

Residential complex

The residential complex in Mersin has spacious apartments and close to the sea

The winter months are mostly dry, warm weather. From January to March, the air temperature ranges from +10 to + 15 ° C, and the amount of heavy rain is not more than 40 mm.

Mersin is a port city and a place where many educational institutions are located, including international Toros University and Mersin University. Its infrastructure is not designed for tourism, but modern life standards such as business. Therefore, here you will not find many entertainment centers and loud late-night music.

This city is convenient for couples with children and people who seek silence and peacefulness, but be aware that you won't find a high level of service and domestic comfort.


Apartments on the beach in the district of Tagus

What real estate can be purchased in Mersin

We provide an opportunity to buy property in Mersin safely and profitably. In Mersin, you can find apartments, villas, or land in any part of the city on the Mediterranean coast.

Our services include:

  • Selection and verification of the object according to your parameters.
  • Legal support for the transaction.
  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit.

We will help you find comfortable apartments in any area. Our database of offers includes apartments in new houses, apartments, resale homes, penthouses, and villas. The complete set depends on your preferences: from basic to full furniture.

The price is determined by the date of construction and the location of the house, as well as the availability of infrastructure benefits.

City Overview and Popular Areas

Mersin is the fifth largest city in the country, with a population of more than 1.8 million inhabitants. It borders with Antalya, Karaman, and Adana. The length of the beaches in its line is approximately 100 kilometres.

The symbol of Mersin is a lemon. It is the leading producer of citrus in Turkey. Therefore, lemon trees with fruits can be seen everywhere.

Mersin is appreciated by those who buy property in Turkey for its clean sandy beaches and mild, temperate climate, due to the proximity of the mountains.

The city consists of several areas:

  1. Erdemli: There are clear water and clean air. Many cafes, sports centres, playgrounds, and shops. In Erdemli, you can buy affordable properties for every taste: in the new European-style residential areas and traditional Turkish houses. In winter, the area's population does not reduce, because most people live here permanently.
  2. Tomyuk: The chill area on the coast. Residential buildings occupy the seashore for 17 kilometres. The first line is formed by complexes built 10-15 years ago, and the new facilities are located on the second line. The advantage of this area is an extended green walking area and eucalyptus groves on the shore.
  3. Tece: The area closest to the city centre, with a population of about 200 thousand people. There are loads of bus stops, and the entire infrastructure is built, taking into account the daily household needs of its citizens. Also, there are European medical centres (Medikadent, MD Clinic), offices of national companies (Mersin harbour company, Akkuyu Nuclear), and educational institutions. The area is surrounded by the greenery of banana palms, lemons, and eucalyptus trees.
  4. Mezitli: The central business district of the city. Real estate here is bought by those who are not interested in beach holidays and silence. In Mezitli, there is no open sandy beach, all beaches are closed and are owned by companies. Municipal administrative institutions are concentrated in this area.
  5. Akdeniz: The industrial part of the city. Here you can find the port and industrial enterprises (cement plant, leather factory, food production). We do not recommend buying a property in this area.

To assess the advantage of Mersin real estate, you can contact the managers to arrange an inspection trip. Our staff will provide you with a quick transfer and comfortable accommodation during this trip.