Cheap Property For Sale in Turkey

Before we talk about the cheap property in Turkey, it is better if we give more information regarding our country. It is surrounded by sea on three sides and has a total of seven regions. Living conditions change according to the area in question. However, in general, the country has good living conditions. We can say that if you buy property within a specific price range, then you can get rights to work and live in Turkey.

Let us say that you have decided to buy property from Turkey. But you don't want to pay a vast amount. We mentioned that there are seven regions in Turkey. There are too many provinces in these seven regions. Before searching for affordable properties, you must decide where you want the property.

The regions where a large number of foreigners live

  • Istanbul
  • Antalya
  • Bodrum
  • Izmir
  • Belek
  • Side
  • Alanya
  • Kas

There may be several more regions where foreigners live and we mentioned the most preferred areas by foreigners. Now let's give some information about the regions. The information may help you to choose the right property. If the information we provide here is not enough for you, you can search the internet.


Istanbul can be called as the city that has the most foreign population. İstanbul is within the Marmara region which connects the black sea to the Marmara sea. It has an important place in history for almost every state. Among preferred places by foreigners is Taksim on the European side. There are many cultural activities organized by embassies and cultural centres of embassies taking into account the foreign populations. In addition to these cultural activities, cultural centres, exhibition halls, night clubs and concert halls in and around Taksim. It is possible to find a different event that can be visited almost every evening. Property prices in Istanbul are higher because life in Istanbul is so active and demand is high. There are definitely places where you can find a property, but they may be away from the city centre, these places may be just starting to develop.


Antalya is located in the north of Turkey. Due to its climate features, it is preferred by many foreigners for both living and holiday reasons. Summer in Antalya is hot, rainless and long. During the summer months, the population of Antalya increased, because of this, prices also increase. If you decide to buy, and you want it cheap, we recommend you to search in winter.

It may be better for you to take service from our company which has been working in this area for a long time. Our company could assist you and help you decide in the right location to live your life. Receiving service from the real estate company is better than researching on the internet by yourself to decide to where can be found easily.

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