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Resale Apartment  in Belek With a Big Balcony
ID: 3516
2.5 km
35/145 km
Beautiful Resale Apartment in Belek, Antalya
ID: 3517
2 km
30/150 km
Amazing Apartments in Beautiful Surroundings of Konyaalti, Antalya
ID: 4074
1 km
20 km
Complex With Many Facilities For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya
ID: 4075
1.4 km
20 km
Cheap Apartments With Both View of The Sea and Mountains in Konyaalti, Antalya
ID: 4073
1 km
20 km
Reasonably Priced Triplex Villas in Luxury Complex in Belek
ID: [SOLD]3506
1,5 km
25 km
Amazing Apartments Close to Golf Courses in Belek
ID: [SOLD]3504
2 km
30 km
Classy Villas with Direct Access to Beach in Belek
ID: [SOLD]22
500 m
26 km

Antalya is one of Turkey's largest touristic cities. For this reason, it is possible to talk about a wide range of houses in Antalya. Mainly foreign tourists prefer Antalya for both holiday and dwelling purposes. House prices in Antalya are generally high. In the winter, because the number of the population decreases, it affects the price of houses. If you are considering buying a real estate in Antalya, we recommend you to search for property in Antalya in the winter.

We stated that Antalya is a large city and if you want to find a cheap property, we recommend that you check out the outskirts of the province. Property prices are high in popular touristic areas which are generally close to the sea. The estate agent must understand your requirements correctly. For this, you should look for a broker who can speak your language and years of experience. Another critical point is that he or she can be reached most times during the day. If you have a question or you intend to make a change in your requests, you should contact them with any problems.

Once you decide that to buy a house, you must explain to our brokers what type of property you want for sale in which price range. Once they have found something, they will offer the property options that are most suitable for you.

Summer Home Real Estate Company, which has been serving in Antalya since 2004, is pleased to see you among its customers. Our Company has employees who have served in the Antalya region for many years and assist in 16 different languages. If you wish for our services in Antalya, our broker will be able to speak your language.

There are many advantages, making it that much better for you to decide on buying a cheap property.

Advantages of owning a property in Antalya

  • You can use the in Antalya for investment to make profit by renting it.
  • As a property owner in Antalya, you can earn the right to work in Turkey.
  • Your holidays can be more affordable, stay in your own home during the holidays.

Amongst a few we have mentioned, there are many more advantages to buying a house in Antalya. If you're going to use your property for investment purposes and you plan to rent it, your estate agent can also provide you with this service.

There are two options for renting your property. The first option is renting it annually. The second option is to rent your property on a term basis. If you choose this option, you can make money on it. So what is term rental? Term rental means that you can rent your home weekly. This means a new tenant nearly every week and you can make more profit within a year. Weekly rentals can be quite profitable, especially in summer, and more people will want to lease your house, thus making more money. Leasing your property to a new person almost every week means re-renting processes. This may seem very difficult for you. However, you do not have to worry about this because we can do most of the work for you. Just tell us what you would like to do with your property and let our team handle all your transactions.