Cheap Apartments For Sale in Turkey

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New Built Project Suitable For Living in Sisli, Istanbul
ID: 5105
9 km
18 km
Affordable Apartments For Sale in Kargicak, Alanya
ID: 1376
1.5 km
135/25 km
Apartments in a high-rise building in Avsallar
ID: 1477
1.5 km
100/70 km
Affordable Modern Apartments Close to the Shopping Center in Famagusta, Cyprus
ID: 6063
2 km
55 km
Apartments For Sale With Many Facilities in Avsallar, Alanya
ID: 1359
600 m
90/60 km
Modernly Designed Affordable Apartments For Sale in Oba, Alanya
ID: 1378
3 km
135/30 km
Entry level investments in Avsallar, Alanya
ID: 1407
1 km
120/45 km
cheap new apartments in mahmutlar
ID: 1455
450 m
140/30 km
Gorgeous apartments in a great location by the sea in Esentepe
ID: 6084
100 m
45 km
New apartments surrounded by nature in Oba, Alanya
ID: 1460
4 km
130/40 km
Luxury Complex with Well-Priced Apartments in Alanya
ID: 1032
600 m
100/65 km
Holiday homes in Avsallar
ID: 1406
1.5 km
120/45 km

If you decide to live in another country, Turkey is one of the best options because apartment prices are more affordable than the other countries. We can say that one of the reasons for this is the climate has long, hot and rainless summers. In the region, there are lots of cities or villages where you can find cheap apartments. It is worth remembering that tourists visiting the location prefer to rent apartments for accommodation during their holidays. So if you have bought a house and looking to make money, it is best to rent it out while you are in your home country.

Where can you find cheap apartments?

  • Belek
  • Alanya
  • Side
  • Kas
  • Antalya
  • Mersin

There are many districts where cheap homes in the Mediterranean region are located. Let us give you more detailed information about a few areas where there are cheap apartments.


Belek is located in the southern part of Turkey. It is a district of Antalya province. It is very popular among foreigners. Summer months in Belek are quite lively with the arrival of holidaymakers. However, when the summer season ends, the population also decreasing, and life in Belek become more silent, slower. If you like a lively life all the time, Belek might not a suitable option for a cheap apartment. Though the summers are long, winters are short. So it means you may have a quiet life in a short time. It is up to you to search for the cheap apartment in Belek.


Alanya is also connected to the province of Antalya. It has a larger area compared to Belek. It is one of the regions that have been packed with tourists during the summer days. In the winter there is a significant decrease in the population in Alanya but not as quiet as Belek. Also, there are many more activities and find more affordable apartments. If you want active life, this might be the best option for you when looking for an affordable apartment.


Side is similar to Belek and a preferred region in the summer too. However, it is not as popular as Belek or Alanya. Because Side is a small city, you will have less cheap apartment options. There is no difference in living conditions compared to other nearby cities. But this place has significant value when it comes to the historical sites around Side.

We tried to give brief information about the locations of cheap apartments in Turkey. If you want to learn more, you can contact us. We provide services with professional staff members and can assist in 16 different languages. For the first step, you do not have to visit Turkey. Make sure to contact us by phone or by sending an e-mail. Secondly, you should inform our agent who is appointed by Summer Home Real Estate Company about your prace range and which features should be included in the apartment you are seeking. The real estate agent will ask for all your information he/ she needs, and they will find the best apartment for you.