Buy an apartment in Marmaris: all the advantages of buying a home here

Buying an apartment in Marmaris is the right investment decision. This choice is ideal for those who want to move to a warm climate with children. In various areas of the city, you can find lots of entertainment that increase the tourist demand for apartments for rent in Marmaris, and quiet places for family walks.

Marmaris is considered to be one of the best Turkish resorts.

The Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Marmaris

The main advantages of buying a property in Turkey are:

• easy registration of a property for foreign citizens

• lower commissions and duties compared with countries such as Greece and Spain

•  The prices of properties are significantly more affordable compared to Europe, but standards are equally as good.

For those who plan to move with the whole family, the purchase of real estate gives the right to obtain a residence permit.

Having a residence permit allows you to send children to school for free.

School in Marmaris
Education in some schools is taught in a foreign language to European standards. 

You should choose Marmaris for the following reasons:

• A constant flow of tourists all year round provides clients for rental.

• Europeans are very interested in buying property on this coastline.

• The high number of real estates.

This peninsula is one of the popular areas for sailing, which also increases the demand for property, especially around the marina.

Marmaris is between the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Marmaris on the map
Marmaris is located in the southwestern part of Turkey.

The main advantage of this resort area is the natural protection of the peninsula from storms. Therefore, the sea here always remains calm.

The only disadvantage of the peninsula is the lack of an airport. To fly to and from here, you need to drive 90 km to the nearest airport.

What Real Estate Can You Purchase in Marmaris

In Marmaris, foreigners can buy any property:

  • Flat

  • Apartments
  • Duplex
  • A separate house or villa

Prices for the smallest apartments and most remote from the coastline starting at 60 thousand euros. As the area grows and approaches the sea, they can reach 150 thousand euros. Apartments in Turkey Marmaris in an elite residential complex cost 300 thousand euros.

Apartment in Marmaris
In Marmaris, you can buy an apartment close to the sea.

At the same time, you can buy a small house for 250 thousand euros. If we are talking about a villa, then the average price will be 400-500 thousand. Properties with a large surrounding private area, such as a terrace garden, cost more than 1 million.

For the purchase of the real estate, it is best to conclude a contract directly with the construction company. We offer various facilities: from small apartments for young people to large family villas. Our properties are built in all areas of the peninsula.

Commercial property in Marmaris is also available to foreigners. The most profitable are investments in hotels and restaurant businesses.

When choosing a property or a business, one must take into consideration that the purchase by foreigners of property located near any official building, for example,  a power station, should gain permission from the government.

Overview of the city and areas

The city of Marmaris is at the base of the peninsula of the same name.

Near it are cities such as:

  • Icmeler

  • Turunc
  • Kumlubuk
  • Datca

When we talk about the resort of Marmaris, mostly we mean the whole peninsula, and not just the city itself. Its total area is more than 1300 square kilometres.

The city itself, called Marmaris, is a small town with an area of ​​less than 900 square kilometres. No more than 90 thousand people inhabit it. However, due to the constant flow of visitors, an impression of a big city is formed.

Marmaris Beach
Marmaris has several public beaches.

Attract tourists not only for the opportunity to swim in the sea but also the entertainment on the beach. The beaches in Marmaris are narrow, mostly black sand and gritty.

However, the city has many attractions. There is even a whole street of bars that runs parallel to the promenade. Crowds of tourists go there at night to enjoy the atmosphere. 

The city's most popular attractions are the Old Fort Museum and the Ibrahim Pasha Mosque. No less famous is Kemeralti Square with a dancing fountain. The water parks offer great fun for all the family.

Ibrahim Pasa Mosque
The Ibrahim Pasa Mosque is one of the main attractions of the city.

It is better to buy more affordable real estate in Armutalan - a new and large area. It is four kilometres from the centre of Marmaris, has entertainment and a few hotels, you can meet people more quickly as it is not so crowded, which will be a plus for families with children.

The main advantages of this location are forests, clean air and peaceful atmosphere. However, Icmeler is also considered a great place to stay - 15 minutes from Marmaris itself, which is two times smaller in size.

Apartments for sale in the City – are a favourite choice for those who are planning to buy property to lease out.  The price for it will be higher than on the outskirts of the city. There are numerous cafes, bars, shops, sandy beaches all attract a constant flow of tourists.

The city centre is rich in attractions. There is also an active nightlife. Most of the buildings are hotels. The prices of apartments are overstated compared to less popular areas because the primary purpose of buying a property in this place is renting out.  Most of the real estate market in this area are resales.