Holidays in Turkey are famous for being a holiday destination from all over the world. This country takes care of an exemplary tourist image in the entertainment and family recreation sector.

Buy an apartment in Kemer
Apartments in Kemer will allow you to experience and enjoy the sea and clean mountain air that this lovely land has to offer.

If you want to make an investment in real estate in Kemer, Turkey, it is a perfect investment.

What Are The advantages of Buying an Apartment in Kemer

The peculiarity of this region of Turkey is the high cost of land. Today, the areas in which residential complexes are being built are more expensive than real estate itself, and each year it is gaining momentum. Every year, apartments in Kemer rise in price due to an increase in land prices.

Demand for rented housing is also increasing every season. Therefore, your investments will pay for themselves in a few years. Conveniently, some apartments can be purchased in installments.

We offer various options for our projects and provide full legal support for the transaction.

What Real Estate Can be Purchased

According to Turkish regulations, it is forbidden to build houses above three floors in resort villages. On the first floor, they are used as stores, and residential apartments occupy the remaining two. But there are complexes in which the ground floors are used as residential, and the two-level apartments in them have their own small terrace apartments for relaxation.

Most Apartments in Kemer are being built 2.5 km from the coast.

Our company offers to purchase apartments in complexes must past our standards and have a set of infrastructure services, such as:

  • Private outdoor parking and underground parking
  • Pool
  • Playground
  • Fitness rooms and saunas
  • Barbecue areas
  • Café & lounges
  • Small grocery stores

There are some apartments for sale in Kemer that are fully furnished and equipped with appliances.

The property
Kemer offers a comfortable life in a relatively small city with a unique microclimate.

Free installments depending on the price of the property:

  • Air conditioning
  • Washer
  • Electric stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Satellite TV
  • The Internet
  • Signaling

A basic set includes an equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a shower cabin.

Standard inexpensive options include a living room combined with a kitchen and a bedroom (1 + 1 rooms) or a living room, a separate kitchen, and two bedrooms (2 + 2 rooms).

The cost of fees and servicing apartments is an average of 150 € per month.

City overview

The undoubted advantage of Kemer over other Turkish cities is its picturesque nature. The combination of mountains, pine forests, and sea makes this region a real paradise for everyone.

The distance to the Antalya Airport and high infrastructure are additional bonuses for those who want to buy real estate here for rent.

Antalya Airport
Antalya Airport is an active international airport.

Antalya Kemer is home to many large hotels and several small resorts residential villages.


The nearest village to the airport. Here are some of its features:

  • A beautiful coast.
  • Pebbled beach.
  • Scenic mountain views.
  • A number of noisy cafes and tourist shops. But do not worry, most of them are located near the hotels.


It is located near the Kemer hotel center (about 7 kilometers, where the local buses are continually running throughout the day. Here you can enjoy the pebble beach, visit the Dinosaur Park and walk along the Goynuk canyon where there are also caves and waterfalls.

Located In the center of Kemer are both the most expensive and cheap hotels, restaurants, shops, discos, and other tourist attractions. This is an active, noisy part of the coast, where it is lively all night.

It is profitable to purchase housing in order to rent out to young holidaymakers who have arrived on vacation. Living in the entertainment center, which everyone might not admire, tiring, and away from the sea. But as you go further from the city, you can see that the development of residential complexes are in progress and they are getting better in design and practicality.

Goynuk is a small village in Kemer on the Antalya coast.

Kiris and Camyuva

These are quiet resort places with expensive hotels and a lot of private areas.

They differ from other resorts by these features:

  1. Comfortable beaches with small pebbles and convenient access to the sea
  2. A large number of family hotels and bungalow type hotels
  3. Long boardwalks along the sea



This is the last village on the coast of Kemer. Transfers from the international airport takes 1.5 hours. There are sandy beaches and costly posh five-star rated hotels. If you wish, you can purchase villas with a private garden and pool.

We offer free inspection trips so that potential buyers can explore all options when it comes to real estate and choose the best for them. The state agent accompanying the client on the trip will provide complete information on the property of interest.

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