Apartments For Sale in Bodrum

The number of apartments for sale in Bodrum is quite low compared to the number of villas or detached houses. Bodrum is a vast region consisting of many villages. When we mention '' village'', you should not think of a typical Turkish village. Foreigners mostly prefer the villages of Bodrum for holidays. The villages of Bodrum are touristic and popular places worldwide. The number of villages connected to Bodrum is quite high.

Since Bodrum is a touristic area, there are not many tall apartments. All houses in Bodrum consist of four and five-floor buildings on average. Apartments in Bodrum are not concentrated in a single area. It is possible to find apartments in all areas of Bodrum. Apartment prices in Bodrum are not as low as you might think. Because Bodrum is a touristic region, the demand for apartments is very high, making the more expensive. We recommend that you get help to find an apartment that will meet your needs, without being too tired, at the most affordable price. So, who can you get help from? The most appropriate option you can get help is the our that provides services in buying and selling of apartments.

When choosing a company, you should pay attention to how many years it has served in the Bodrum region. You can contact Summer Home Real Estate Company by e-mail or phone, or you can meet face to at our employees. In any way, you have to tell them what kind of house you are looking for. Summer Home and employees, can ask questions to find the apartment that suits you best. In order to find the most suitable company for you, real estate company employees have to understand your needs and demands in the best way. Our company's employees, who have been serving in Bodrum and its region for many years, will offer you the most suitable home options for you as soon as possible with the help of their experiences. Then you can choose the apartment you want from the options offered.

We do not only provide apartment services in Bodrum. There are many more services offered by the company. Summer Home, real estate agency, can negotiate prices with the apartment owner on your behalf and you can also get support for transportation. Also, once you start living in the apartment, and after a while, you want to change in the interior of the apartment. You may want to paint the apartment or make a change to the plumbing. We can also help you find a good handyman for such jobs.

Hotels from the coastal areas have seized many parts of Bodrum. Therefore, the apartments are mostly built in the city. If you want an apartment by the sea, it is almost impossible to find. And if you can find the price of an apartment by the sea would be quite high. Even if you do not have a vehicle, transportation between villages is very easy. Due to the demand, Bodrum administration runs minibus for transportation between villages. Due to the decrease in Bodrum population during the winter months, the minibus service is less frequent. However, there are still enough expeditions. There are places like a grocery store, hospital, pharmacy close to the apartment in the areas where there are mostly apartments. You can do almost all of your daily work on foot, meeting almost all of your daily needs. In this case, some of your needs to meet the center of Bodrum or you may need to go to another village nearby.

Things to consider when looking at an apartment in Bodrum

  • What size of apartment do you need? One room one living room, two rooms, one living room or three rooms a living room?
  • How close should it be to the centre and the beach?
  • On what floor? First, second or third?
  • Should there be white goods such as oven, stove, dishwasher and refrigerator?
  • What type of heating system should it have?
  • Should there be an elevator?
  • Does the view matter?

And you may need to look at many more things depending on your needs. You can also get help from us regarding the points you should pay attention to. Summer Home, real estate employees, can direct you to the points you need to pay attention.