Apartments in Belek

General Information

Small village Belek depends on Antalya's Serik district. Belek is one of Turkey's most important tourism centers. It is approximately 43 kilometers from Antalya city center and 3 kilometers from Serik. Belek, which has many accommodation facilities, usually has luxury hotels, is especially famous for golf tournaments.

Belek, a small resort town, has witnessed the most important scenes of history and has become the center of attention of travelers with its value remains. It has a history dating back to the 4th century BC. Particularly cultures of Hellen, Roman and Seljuk influenced the city. The unique natural areas and historical areas with its fresh air leave the holidaymakers every time fascinated.

Belek has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm and temperate, winters are rainy. It opens the summer season in April and attracts attention until November. 


You can find apartments cost from 15.000 to 150.000 Euro in Belek. Apartment prices in Belek generally vary according to the number of rooms the apartment has. If you want, you can buy an apartment with a pool. Or, you can find an apartment that gives the householder several opportunities, such as sports, fitness center, etc. However, this would be more expensive than other apartments.


You can get to Belek from the airport by private transfer services from tour companies or hotels. Or you can take the bus number 600 departing from the airport and reach the Antalya bus station where you can meet Belek's blueness with Belek minibusses departing every half hour.


Belek is famous for its modern golf courses, football fields, tennis, table tennis, and basketball sports activities, you can have a very enjoyable time. Belek has a total of 50 sports fields and more than 200 tennis courts as well as enjoy water sports offers. Also, in Belek holiday centers, there are offered sea tours, camping and trekking activities. Thanks to its rich picnic areas, you can also have a pleasant picnic activity every time.

There are plenty of shopping centers that cater for all budgets. Besides, if you want to buy products that are unique to Belek, you should visit the market center (bazaar) area established every Saturday of the week. You can buy hand-made products, different objects, carpets and rugs that are unique to the area.

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