Best night clubs in Alanya

عندما تزور ألانيا ، قد ترغب في معرفة مكان العثور على المكان المناسب لك للحصول على المتعة ومن يشغل موسيقاك. إلق نظرة! لحظات لا تنسى ، ذكريات المستقبل الجميلة على وشك أن تعيش.

أفضل النوادي الليلية في ألانيا

  • İLLUSİON EVENT HALL: Even the event hall was just recently established it has really gotten into the hearts of people. Located in Dinek district it is bringing in something to every taste: artists from around the world, local groups and dj' s with their dashing shows are exactly what is needed in Alanya.

  • SUMMER GARDEN: This night club was established already in 1991 and it's located in Konakli, Alanya. Since the beginning until this day it has been serving its loyal customers. The only disadvantage is, it is closed for the winters. Luckily the winter in Alanya is not too long unlike summer. As one of the most popular night clubs in mediterranean region the atmosphere will make you feel like a Hollywood star. If you and your friends are a clubbing enthousiasts with good taste this club is totally recommendable.

  • HAVANA CLUB: Location: center. Established: 2005. Where the music is played by Dj's only the young nation from all around the world favour this club as the best. If you want to add occasional funtime in your life be sure you will find it here. l
  • HARRY'S PUB: This club is all ways full- of people having fun! Located on the popular bar street in the middle of the centre it is one of the oldest night club site in Alanya. The live performers have repertoirs for all ages and you will enjoy the performance for the fullest. One night one performer strategy works for every taste. It has been favoured for it's reasonable prices by locals just as well as tourists visiting Alanya.

  • ROBİN HOOD: The legend. With its location in the centre it has been able to keep up its popularity for longest of times. When you want to be able to live in the spotlight and keep on dancing until sunrise this is the place to be. The dj is there to getting high from music with you.

  • PAPEL: Located at the harbour established 2018 the night club is considered as a newcomer. Even so, the first year was a success. They bring in the best dj's to perform, give them the best quality equipment and everybody is happy. They sure know how to bring in customers and how to make them enjoy their time. Open every night, feel welcome and make your night special.

  • ÇELLO TÜRKÜ BAR: ÇLocated on the harbour, you can enjoy the magnificent sea view just as well as the live performers. The bar has a long history and it has made its way to the hearts of the locals and foreigners. It is easy to get lost in the memories and dreams by listening the artists' impassioned performances. Come here with friends and family, run away from stressfull life for one night.

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