Apartments For Sale in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island which has two popular cities called Nicosia and Kyrenia. Apart from these two cities, Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol, Ayia Napa and Protaras are preffered by tourists. The Mediterranean climate is dominant in Cyprus. Summer is hot, and winter is mild. We can say that around six months of the year, the weather is mild. Besides the weather, life is almost cheap in Cyprus. Also, it is very suitable for living. If you love active living, you can search apartment with a high student population. If you like a calm life, then you can find an apartment far away from the city centre. After you choose the apartment and start to enjoy the apartment you are living in.

If you are considering buying an apartment to live in Cyprus, you have many options. You can look at apartments from the coastal areas such as Kyrenia, Famagusta, Polis or from the inner regions such as Nicosia, Upper Bostanci and Meniko. Compared to many countries, prices can be said to be suitable. There are numerous universities in Cyprus; the student population is quite high. Of course, there are not only students but also those who are working at the university. People who visit Cyprus for education or work perpuses prefer to buy an apartment instead of renting an apartment. Buying an house seems like a much more suitable option than renting. Considering the high demand, we recommend you to move quickly when buying a house in Cyprus.

In Cyprus, apartments are usually built as a two or three bedroom house. If you live alone or have a small family, these apartments are enough for you. However, if you have a large, crowded family, then we recommend that you consider the options out of the apartment.

Life in Cyprus

Living in Cyprus is extremely comfortable. There are many reasons for choosing to live on the island. Some of these reasons;

  • In Cyprus, it is much easier to obtain a residence permit than many other countries.
  • The weather is sunny and warm.
  • There are cheaper living conditions than most countries. Especially the house and car prices are quite reasonable.
  • Other than nightclubs or casinos regions, the area usually has a quiet life.
  • It is very safe in Cyprus.
  • The people who live here are helpful and friendly
  • You do not need to learn Turkish or Greek, because most of them speak English.
  • To obtain residence, you only need to buy a property.
  • There are wide business opportunities in many sectors.
  • Less traffic than most countries.
  • Easy access to many countries

Once you have decided an apartment. But you don't know the area very well. We recommend get services from companies that knows the region very well and which has been working in this for years. Working with a company that understands your needs very well will help you find the right apartment for you. You don't have to Cyprus to negotiate with other companies. You can contact them by online call, e-mail or telephone. When contacting us, make sure that you clearly identify your needs and that they understands correctly.

Summer Home Real Estate Company has been doing business in Cyprus since 2004 to find the most suitable apartment for its customers. Our Company has departments that can serve in 16 different languages and specializes in buying and selling houses in the Cyprus region. Contact us to find an apartment to buy in Cyprus. Before you come to Cyprus, you can mention the properties of the apartment in Cyprus. Once one of our imployees provides you with the options, you can decide which apartment you want to buy.