Property in Antalya Lara | Real Estate in Lara

Antalya Lara district is one of the most popular holiday locations of Turkey. IT is famous for its crystal-clear sea and fine sand which is said to be good for some health problems related to joints of your body. Lara means sand in Hittite language. Lara beach is the longest beach of Turkey and it is a constantly developing area in terms of tourism. There are many new investments to the area and it is still developing. It is a nice and not-so-popular location, especially an attraction to people who love peace and quiet.

Lara has a naturally sandy beach suitable for both swimming and camping. There is a forest area near Lara beach, where you can bring your tent and camp. Also, there are places set up by the municipality for you to have a picnic. In the beach, there are many buffets that offer lounge chairs, umbrellas, food and beverages. The beach is divided into parts. Sone hotels or cafes offer their private beach parts. They rent anything you need for a daily trip. Additionally, there is the public part of the beach, where you can go with your own staff and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea for free. Duden waterfall meets the sea in this area. The sea in Lara beach is quiet and not cold. Both the sand and the sea are very clean. However, there are mosses in the sea.

It is easy to reach the area with public transport and your own car. It is 15 kilometers away from the airport and 12 kilometers from the center. There are many accommodation facilities around the area that are generally preferred by foreign tourists. Also, Lara is popular with its cafes, bars and restaurants. You can chill at one of the cafes, have your coffee and watch the sea or sunset.