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You might have heard much about Antalya. Many people from all countries prefer Antalya to spend their vacation. Antalya is an advantageous province because of its climate. The climate is warm in the summer and warm in the winter and almost every month within a year, Antalya province has suitable weather conditions for holidays. Antalya is located in the Mediterranean region. It is a convenient province not only for spending holidays but also for living. Living conditions are favourable. If you re-think your place of residence, living in Antalya may be an option for you. By buying an apartment here, you can have a living and working permit in Turkey.

Which region in Antalya should you buy an apartment?

Antalya is a very large province, with many regions. You may not know in which region you should search for apartment buildings. You can also look at apartments in the coastal and interior areas of Antalya. Where are you looking for a house? How many rooms do you need in a home? Are there any advantages and disadvantages of the area you are looking for an apartment? In order to find answers to all these questions and much more, it is useful to get information from an expert adviser. The staffs are experts in their fields. We are one of the best companies in this sector and been serving since 2004, does not only provide apartment services in Antalya but in other provinces and villages as well.

Once you contact one of our dedicated employees, they will ask you some questions about your needs and the features you are looking for, and then he or she will search for the suited home for you. According to the information which you gave the state agent, they will provide you with the options which are more suitable for you. Because the staff will search for an apartment according to your needs, it is very important to contact with staff clearly. It is important that you have the right communication so that your real estate agent can offer the apartment options in Antalya as soon as possible.

Apartment features in Antalya

  • Most apartments have an elevator.
  • Most apartments are on the sun-facing side
  • The kitchen of most apartments has equipment such as oven, stove.
  • Most apartments consist of 2 rooms and one living room.
  • Most apartments have a parent bedroom with bathroom.
  • Most apartments have security guards.
  • Most apartments are located within a complex.
  • Sites include a pool, a gym, a children's playground.

Apartments in Antalya have many more features. Once you have decided, you can to find out all the properties of Antalya apartments and decide the type of apartment that is right for you. Summer Home Real Estate has been serving the Antalya region for many years. Our staff are professionals in their field and assist you in 16 different languages. Which Antalya regions? What are the characteristics of the regions? Which properties have apartments in which regions? Which apartment is best for you? We can negotiate with the owner of the apartment on your behalf, and then we prepare the necessary documents. We would gladly help and bein contacted for services after moving. To apply for a residence and work permit can also get support after receiving your new home. You can get all kinds of support from us until you have adapted to life in Antalya. The most important features that distinguish us from the other companies is that our Company is with its customers at every stage from the first day until the customer stops communication. Many real estate companies stop communicating with their customers after the purchase has completed.

The Services We Provide

  • Finds the apartment that suits your needs in Antalya.
  • Negotiate the price for you.
  • If you want to use the apartment you bought in Antalya for investment, we will find a tenant in your apartment.
  • Manages all purchasing and leasing processes.
  • We not only work in Antalya province but also in all Mediterranean regions.
  • It is available for giving services in 16 languages.
  • You don't need to come to Turkey during the searching and buying period.

If you decide to work with us, we will look for the best apartment for you in best price in a short time. To receive other services from us, you must pay a small service fee. However, if you consider the services, you will receive the price is significant. Because of this through the years, we have been preferred by many new customers due to its low service cost and quality services.