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Buying an apartment in the centre of Alanya might be the best investment for someone who has decided to seriously increase their capital. In order to conduct such an operation like purchase of a real estate with the maximum benefit for yourself, you need to carefully study all the available information and contact a reliable agency.

Our company is engaged in the construction and sale of apartments in the centre of Alanya: we will select for you the best option and help with the legal process of the transaction.

Apartments in Alanya.

Alanya Centre: Location and Infrastructure

Conventionally, all of Alanya can be divided into four parts: western, northern, southern and central.

The central part - Damlatash district - attracts foreign tourists and local residents with its developed infrastructure and the magnificent Cleopatra Beach, which is considered one of the best on the entire coast.

According to the legend, the beach was shown to the Egyptian queen - Cleopatra by her lover Roman Emperor, Marcus Antonius, on a special order, the sand was transported here from the Nile River Valley. The peculiarity of local sand is that it almost does not heat in the sun and does not dust, so the water in the sea always remains clean and transparent.

Excellent conditions for your comfortable stay: the coast is equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, cafes, water attractions, etc. The beach is so clean that it was awarded the Blue Flag certificate - a prestigious international award confirming that the water meets high quality standards.

Damlatas cave on the map of Alanya.

Damlatash is a district with developed infrastructure, so it is in demand by local and foreign tenants.

You will find here entertainment for every taste:

  • Cultural Center;
  • water park Alanya Aquapark;
  • the famous Alanya Teleferik cable car;
  • avenue of fountains;
  • public tennis courts;
  • archaeological museum of Alanya Archaeological Museum;
  • preserved from the XIII century - Kale Fortress; (tr. Alanya Kalesi)
  • stalactite cave Damlatas;
  • playgrounds;
  • the best restaurants in town.

The stalactite cave Damlatas is one of the tourist pearls of Alanya. Once there was a quarry here, and after the explosion 1948, during the extraction of stone, an enchanting, beautiful cave was found, full of stalactites and stalagmites. Now, anyone can sign up for an excursion and touch the wonderful creation of nature with their own hands.

A visit to the Damlatas cave is especially recommended for people with asthma and other respiratory diseases: due to the stably high temperature (+ 22 ... + 23˚C), high humidity (90-98%), air ionization and an increased content of carbon dioxide, together create a unique microclimate. 

The stalactite cave Damlatas is one of the most interesting tourist sites.

The district is characterized by a developed structure of business urban space: in Damlatas there are bank branches and ATMs, schools, Başkent University, private hospitals (Baskent Hastanesi and Yasam Hastanesi), markets, shops, offices of various companies, hairdressers and barbershops.

In Dalmatash, active life is not limited to the beach season - it continues here all year round.


The advantages of buying an apartment in the city centre

Stable demand for long-term and short-term apartments rent in the centre of Alanya, make buying a real estate in this area a profitable and competent investment. If you are looking for a real estate in Turkey, which will bring high income in the near future - be sure to look at the centre of Alanya.

Renting an apartment in Alanya can bring you from 200 to 1,500 euro weekly income, while rent rates are regularly raised.

An additional asset of such a purchase, is the opportunity to extend the summer holidays with your family and friends, you can stay in your private apartment as long as you wish. 

An important advantage of buying an apartment in the centre of Alanya is their availability. A relatively inexpensive apartment (compared to prices for European real estate) will be an excellent option for living and renting.

The average cost of real estate in Alanya is 600-700 euro per square meter. The cheapest property in Alicante (Spain) will cost the buyer 1,300 euros per square meter, for comparison.

Apartments in Alanya
Comfortable apartments in a new residential complex.

An additional and significant benefit of buying any type of property in Alanya is obtaining a residence permit and even Turkish citizenship.

To obtain citizenship, you have to suit certain requirements: 

  1. You must spend on the purchase of real estate the amount of $ 250,000 or more.
  2. The purchase must be made after September 18, 2018.
  3. Real estate cannot be sold within the next 3 years after the purchase.
  4. You must apply for citizenship within 3 months afterthe the purchase.

To obtain a residence permit, the cost of the property you buy does not matter.

To obtain residence permit, a set of documents is required:

  • certificate of ownership of real estate - the original and a copy;
  • application for a residence permit;
  • passport - original and copy;
  • 4 biometric photographs;
  • current medical insurance;
  • a certificate stating that the title deed is valid - it can be obtained from the Cadastral Office.

A residence permit is issued to the owner of the property for 1-2 years, and after it can be extended.

After a five-year period of residence on the territory of Turkey having residence permit, you can apply for citizenship. Moreover, the applicant must be fluent in Turkish, and the maximum period of his stay outside the country cannot exceed six months.

Apartment in the centre of Alanya is a reliable and long-term investment. In the future, demand for such facilities will grow, while the dynamics of prices in 2013-2019, shows a steady growth up to 18% per year.

Real estate in Damlatas can be assessed as highly flowy: due to the lack of undeveloped plots, limiting the height of buildings( not to exceed 5 floors in height) and the constant development of existing infrastructure; this area is acknowledged by both - visitors and local residents. The most popular real estate are apartments in new buildings.

You can rent your apartment and get a decent income.

What real estate can be purchased

The widest range of real estate is available for purchase in the central part of the city.

You can choose one or several options:

  • apartments with sea and Cleopatra beach view;
  • apartments overlooking the Alanya fortress;
  • luxury penthouses - apartments on the upper floors with a private terrace;
  • cosy duplexes - duplex apartments.

We are ready to offer you housing of different sizes and with different numbers of rooms. Outdoor and indoor heated pools, fitness centres, playgrounds for children’s, game rooms, saunas, massage rooms, etc. are available for all residents of apartments in residential complexes from our offer.

Terrace apartments
View from the terrace of your penthouse.

Prices for apartments in the central part of Alanya

Our company offers you to buy apartments in the central part of Alanya with a wide variety of options.

We have presented object at prices ranging from 62,000 euros to 250,000 euro. The price depends on several factors: the type of an object, its area, location and territory infrastructure.

For 62,000 euro we will offer you beautiful one-bedroom apartments from 53 sq.m. in area. For 100,000 euro - a spacious two-bedroom apartment. For 85,000 euro - luxurious one-bedroom apartments with 2 bathrooms, a large balcony, a walk-in-closet and the sea view.

We will always be happy to offer you a free study tour, during which we will find the right housing options that meet your needs and in your budget.