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Amazing nature, beautiful coast of Mediterranean Sea, cool breeze from Taurus Mountains, a clean and safe environment are the description of a dream location to own an apartment. This perfect location is Alanya, one of the most popular holiday districts of Antalya, Turkey. Alanya attracts many people for vacation or settlement each year with its peaceful atmosphere and enjoyable entertainment opportunities.

Apartments for sale in Alanya

offer great qualities for prospective buyers.

Natural Beauties of Alanya

Mediterranean Sea offers all its beauties for those who prefer Alanya, with its natural beaches. The most popular ones include Cleopatra Beach, which is also a historically important location, Mahmutlar Beach, which is amazing for those who prefer a peaceful environment, and Damlatas Beach, which offers the natural beauty of Damlatas Cave. Mediterranean offers its warm and sunny climate in addition to its amazing nature. Holiday season is very long in Alanya due to hot and dry Mediterranean climate, which enables you to enjoy more sunny beach days all year long. While the coastal areas offer beauty of the sea and beaches, Taurus Mountains have the cool breeze you can relax to. Two sides of the climate can be experienced in Alanya.

Life in Alanya

Alanya has many natural values to offer, but how is daily life in Alanya? It is a very enjoyable and comfortable experience. That is why many foreigners are coming to Alanya for various purposes. There are people who want to spend their vacation for years, who want to retire and settle in Alanya, who own

apartments in Alanya

for investment purposes. Hence, there are many foreign people living there, so the ambience of the district has changed a lot. You can easily carry out your daily life as a foreigner in Alanya. The language is not a problem, because nearly all shops, tours, cafes, bars, etc. have English explanations. Also, people who work in Alanya speak English very well.

The financial side of life is even easier. Due to the currency of Turkey, European people can easily afford having a vacation or owning an apartment in Alanya. Since the climate and nature allow growth of many kinds of fruits and vegetables, self-catering is very easy. It is possible to buy your food from markets or bazaars of different towns of Alanya. Another aspect of living in Alanya is safety. The people of Alanya are very nice and friendly. Since tourists and foreign people have been coming for vacations or settling there for a long time, they are used to living in a multicultural environment. Of course, a level of criminal activity occur there as it does in many European cities, Alanya is a location as safe as your home country.

Owning an Apartment in Alanya

As a prospective apartment owner, you need to consider many things before you make your decision. There are various kinds of apartments in Alanya. You can choose to buy one from a new, well-maintained complex or a regular building. You may want to be close to the coast, to the city center or Taurus Mountains. These choices affect the price of the apartment you are looking for. You should decide your criteria and look for different apartments for sale in Alanya for your taste. If you consider coming to Alanya for your vacation, you can rent an apartment, too. It is better to experience city life from an apartment instead of a big hotel. There are many options for rentals.

If you want to invest your money on an apartment in Alanya, you have some income options. You may want to spend couple of months of the year or none in Alanya. In this case, you can always rent your apartment. Also, apartments in Alanya are always on high demand. Therefore, you can always consider your apartment as an investment that can be turned to cash anytime you need. As your real estate advisor, we offer our services if you want to rent your apartment. We offer our services in all issues related to apartments for sale in Alanya.