Affordable Real Estate by The Sea in Cyprus

If you are interested in cheap Cyprus property for sale, we can help you to buy a villa or apartment for a low price and make the best choice because we have been selling apartments on the island for several years.

Property in Cyprus

Property in Cyprus on the coastline

What are The Benefits of Buying Property on The Coast of Cyprus

Properties in Cyprus are very popular among foreigners for the following reasons:

  1. It’s favourable climate and lovely nature. Industries besides tourism are not developed on the island, so the ecology is better than in Europe. Cyprus has mostly mild winters and hot summers. In Cyprus, it is sunny for more than 300 days a year. Other advantages are the proximity to the sea, lush nature and a large number of historical monuments.
  2. Easy way to obtain EU citizenship. The owner of a house or land on the island has the right to apply for Cypriot citizenship, which provide all the possibilities of an EU resident. However, if the real estate is valued more than 2 million euros, then the owner can apply for a passport after that citizenship is inherited automatically.
  3. Prices in the country. Local vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, are always fresh and cheap. Bread, for example, costs about € 1, a bottle of wine - € 2.5-5, dinner in a restaurant - € 10-30 per person. A bus ticket is around 1.5-3 Euros depending on where you are going.
  4. Opportunity for doing business or investing. A foreigner is allowed to conduct any business. A minimum set of documents are required for registration of the company. Investment in Cyprus is very popular because the average annual income of the lessor is 4%. Real estate taxes are quite low.
Villa near the beach
Weather conditions and easy citizenship attract customers

What Real Estate Can You Buy

Villas and apartments are the most popular among foreigners, in the second place are apartments and townhouses.

A cheap villa in Cyprus with a swimming pool has access to the sea, a large garden attached to a house or even a golf course. People of two age categories buy such real estate: 45-60 years old - for a calm family vacation, 35-50 years old - for an active life with entertainment.

It should be noted that the maintenance of even a small villa will require additional annual investments, if you don’t plan to live on the island year-round, be prepared to spend money annually. Such purchase for renting investment is not recommended as it will take 25-30 years to rent It out to earn back your money.

Young families with children, as well as business people, are better to choose apartments for periodic trips to Cyprus. Such property does not need to be regularly looked after and guarded. Besides, it is easy to find a tenant for such a property.

The townhouse is less prevalent. But, it is a small house for several floors: on the first floor, there is a dining room, a living room, and bedrooms. Such properties are not very popular when it comes to leasing, so in the resale market, such properties can be bought in excellent condition. These apartments are built close to the sea, but far from tourist life.

Villas close to the sea are in demand.

General Information About The Island and Popular Areas

The most popular cities among foreign property buyers are Paphos and Limassol. They are located in the Greek part of the island.

Paphos is the ancient capital of Cyprus and an elite resort. There are no tall houses, and local life is calm in the city.

The maximum height of buildings is four floors. This region is an excellent choice for families with children and lovers who are searching for a quiet countryside holiday.

Limassol is valued for its clean sandy beaches and the ability to combine business with leisure at the same time. This large port city has a well-developed infrastructure and considered to be the industrial, educational and business centre of Cyprus. You can get to any town in half an hour from this city. You can choose this town for moving to a permanent place of residence.

Map of Cyprus
The most popular cities are Paphos and Limassol.

Larnaca attracts property buyers for its affordable prices and transport accessibility. The infrastructure is not very developed here, but the city is located 5 km from a large international airport. Larnaca has clean sandy beaches and quiet areas. It is a safe place to spend some good quality time with your children. At the same time, for permanent residence, you better to choose an area far from a noisy airport.

In Turkish Cyprus, Famagusta is considered to be the most developed resort region. Like in any big city, its infrastructure has restaurants, shopping centres, supermarkets, excellent roads and a modern public transport system. Here you can buy cheap property on the coast for both living and investment. There are a lot of students in the city, so apartment rental is always in demand.

What Influences The Price

Real estate prices depend on such factors:

  • Close distance to the sea
  • The infrastructure
  • Size of living space

For example, small studios on the coast can be bought for 25.000 Euros. The minimum price of one-bedroom apartments is 30.000 Euros, With two bedrooms from 31.000 Euros. The villa or townhouse with two bedrooms, located on the first line from the sea, costs from 110.000 to 750.000 Euros.

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