BelekBelek is a town in Serik district in Antalya Province. This small municipality town consists of two parts: Kadriye and Belek. There is 8 km long road which connects those villages.

The history of Belek dates back to 4th century BC and the place has been under Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and also Seljuks influence. Archeological signs of Roman Empire are the most significant ones and may be seen in large buildings, gymnasium, stadium, turrets, mosques and theatres in Belek.

Belek has grown in the last two decades and it has become one of the most popular and famous holiday resort in Turkey. Belek offers great climate, 300 days of sunshine and warm weather, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful green surroundings. The city centre of Belek provides a number of shops, restaurants or cafés.

This area is packed with 5* hotels that provide top quality facilities and private beach, so the visitors may not even have to leave the comfort of the complexes. This place is popular among families with children because of calm, azure water and fine sand. Besides relaxing holidays on the beach, tourists can enjoy many spa centers that offer various spa and health treatments and medical baths with mineral-rich spring water.

Belek has received many awards and has become one of the best golf centres in Turkey and in the world with 8 championship golf courses and more than 15 in total. If you are golf enthusiast or professional, Belek is a place that you should visit.
Besides golfing, Belek offers other leisure activities that visitors can enjoy, such as scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing, water skiing, rafting, mountain climbing, horseback riding and jeep safari.

The area of Belek offers also many interesting sites and historical places.
Aspendos is located approximately 15 km from Belek. Aspendos is an ancient city with famous Roman theatre which is the best-preserved theatre till date and Roman aqueducts. Perge is another ancient city in this region, situated 25 km from Belek. Today this place is a tourist attraction archeaological site with pillars of agora, Roman theatre and baths.

The Kurşunlu Waterfalls National Park is located approximately 34 km from Belek. This area has a form of botanic garden and you can find here 7 ponds connected by the formation of waterfalls. Waterfalls are situated in the middle of beautiful pine forest.

Belek is wonderful seaside resort that attract tourists with its amazing scenery, fine sandy beaches and golf courses. Many foreigners have decided to make buy a property in Belek and make this remarkable place their new home.

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